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Heat Care

Heat Care Breakdown

Heating is the heart of every home and business and Paynes have got you covered. Whether it’s traditional boiler installation, repairs or maintenance, the supply and installation of oil tanks or the installation of heat pumps, using the free energy around you, we have the solution you require. Our Heat Care Plan is reassurance that your heating system is covered in the event of an emergency breakdown.

Peace of Mind

Our Heat Care breakdown and service plan is a preventative maintenance scheme. This is the best way to reduce risks and an annual boiler service & inspection is included so you can rest assured your appliance is working as safely and efficiently as possible.

How Breakdown Insurance Works:

If your central heating breaks down, simply contact Paynes on 01825 891720. The bill is settled directly on your behalf.

Renewable Cover:

We have made it easy for you to continue your protection for as long as you wish. After the initial period has expired, you can renew the cover annually.

What would happen if your central heating broke down?

You depend on your central heating boiler to heat your home and provide you and your family with hot water on tap. The loss of this necessity will make a large dent in any family budget – an engineer call out can cost in excess of £100.00 while the final repair bill could exceed £250.00. Even the most reliable product can go wrong - which is why it is sold with a manufacturer's guarantee.

What happens when that expires?

There is a way to safeguard yourself against costly repair bills - our Heat Care breakdown & service plan gives you cover long after the manufacturer’s guarantee has ended. Protect yourself against large and unexpected repair bills and avoid the expense and inconvenience of unforeseen breakdowns.

What's Included?

Boiler and controls: For conventional central heating boilers (up to 150,000BTU):

All boiler components as supplied by the boiler manufacturer and fitted within the boiler casing as well as the water circulating pump, cylinder thermostat, time control (excluding energy management systems), room thermostats, motorised valve(s) and associated normal working hours labour charges.

Boiler, controls and system cover:

Easily accessible above ground pipework, radiators, radiator valves (manual and thermostatic), standard indirect cylinder and expansion tank.


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